Current Officers


CUNO members are an excited group of graduate students at Columbia University who have volunteered to visit schools and host fairs!  Their enthusiasm and commitment to science education has motivated them to carefully craft lessons for educational outreach at all levels.

The Executive Board includes:

Rebecca Vaadia   President
Katie Shakman   Secretary
Georgia Pierce
Blair Jenkins
  VPs of Single Visits
Naomi Odean
David Doobin
  VPs of Multivisit Program
Jessica Jimenez

Alexander Sisti

  VPs of Brain Bee
 Ethan McCurdy   VP of Science Fairs
Anita Burgos

Ali Kaufman

Laura Long

  VPs of Late Night Science
Kristin Politi

Melina Tsitsiklis

Salomon Muller

Costanza Capuano

  VPs of Curriculum
Francisco Peña

Elena Corazo

  VP of Publicity

VP of Spanish Speaking Events



Many more members make CUNO the organization that it is. If you’d like to become a member, click here!


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