Late Night Science

Interested in learning more about research at Columbia University Medical Campus?

Want to tour a research lab?

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Columbia University Neuroscience Outreach (CUNO) hosts a seminar series led by graduate students, where they discuss their scientific research to a non-scientific audience. Each month the seminar focuses on a different topic, and the talks are always followed by a lab tour. This means you get a chance to interact with scientists in a casual environment and get your neuroscience questions answered by experts!

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Past seminars include:

  • Focused Ultrasound: How Sound Can Heal Your Brain
  • Death by division: How our brain cells die
  • Zika Virus and Brain Development
  • Complex Pathways to Madness: the Underlying Causes of Schizophrenia

Future seminars:


To RSVP for a seminar, click on the title and visit the Event Brite page.


To join our mailing list using your Google account, please visit!forum/latenightscience and select “Apply for membership”. If you do not have a Google account, please email Laura at using the subject line “Late Night Science Mailing List”.

Organizers of Late Night Science

Anita Burgos   Founder
Ail Kaufman   Vice President
Laura Long   Vice President
Ashlea Morgan   Coordinator

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Long at lkl2124 [@]

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